Sunday, February 19, 2012

Complicit Organization

Complicit Organization

If a group of foreign intelligence agents were to infiltrate local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies it would be easy to create what appears to be organized crime created purposely within the infiltrated law enforcement organizations to back the war on terror, by creating terrorism, using what is meant to look like legitimate corrupt policing techniques that could be slowly exposed by foreign intelligence operatives working with the infiltration teams embedded into law enforcement, “exposing” supposed “corrupt” practices of law enforcement agencies to private civilian agencies slowly over a long period of time.

Such “exposure” would of course appear legitimate to the civilian agencies and/or persons that said “corruption” is being “exposed” to. Tracking such activity would be easy if Internal Affairs were in knowledge of such activity, and knew what to look for.

Case Example: Antonio Martinez; A.K.A. Muhammad Hussein

Players in example: Antonio Martinez; terror suspect
Rod J. Rosenstein; USA attorney
Eric Holder; Attorney General
F.B.I.; investigating agency

Obviously if a suspect had recently converted to Islam, this would make for easy prey as a new convert knows little or nothing about true Islam. If an enemy intelligence agent or agents were to “hold down” the suspect to groom the target suspect for attacks and make it seem to target suspect that it was in fact the law enforcement and United States government “holding him down”, then following that false teaching by the enemy agencies “remote disinformation hosts”, whom now the new convert was being “brought up” by, would now be able to implant pro-terrorist propaganda. Whilst at the same time the foreign agents would be able to cause hatred for American Law enforcement by exposing the target suspect to statements made by informants of the law enforcement agency to rhetoric like, “kill all the Muslims”, and passing private information about the target suspect around and making that known to target suspect of such an invasion of privacy by having law enforcement state that “this activity is not illegal”, when the target suspect turns that behavior into local law enforcement. This of course would be done before the target suspect would be turned into federal law enforcement by the “informants”. At this time the foreign intelligence agents would then “blow the whistle” on the newly created “terrorist” to law enforcement and be able to easily trick him with “rewards for statements” that could be caught on tape. These rewards could include, women, money, clothing, esteem, etc., and could be used in conjunction with the “informants” embedding of a false enemy scenario going largely unnoticed by law enforcement, due to the cooperation of the “informants” who are leading target suspect into the entrapment. This would be immediately followed by the law enforcement agents colluding with the other foreign intelligence operatives we now call “informants” supplying the target suspect with “weapons” and fake “bombs” as well as a fake plot, in order to “catch” the new target suspect in crimes that the law enforcement has now unwittingly created and contracted said suspect for. This form of activity or “entrapment” behavior would most likely be used to “vett” a foreign intelligence group, that was meant to discredit the real F.B.I. agents and upper level officials. It would appear as if the law enforcement agencies have worked in complicity with the foreign agents, in order to later “expose” this obviously illegal activity, which could be easily done, considering some of the agents involved as well as informants are most likely in fact foreign intelligence working inside of law enforcement here in the United States to discredit law enforcement and create illegal activity. This could then be later used to discredit other agencies such as the C.I.A. which would create the illusion that the president of the United States was in fact himself involved in creating terrorism to boost new laws aimed at creating a racist atmosphere against Muslims, and being pro-Hebrew only within the United States government. This fact becomes even more obvious, when in knowledge that this tactic used by the law enforcement agencies such as the F.B.I., isn't used in cases involving other religious cultures like Hebrews or Christians, and in fact is only used to seemingly create hatred for Muslims within the United States. This tactic makes this appear to have been done by the United States government, the head of which is president Obama. This also is done to make the United States government look guilty for creating terrorism in order to further their “war on terror” budget.

This paper is written to show possibilities, and not as a presented factual based investigation. I am in no way accusing Eric Holder or any other players in this paper of these activities, nor is this document meant to defame any law enforcement agencies. This document is only to show apparent need for internal investigation, and review of all terror suspect cases. To decipher the creation of terrorism is much more important than catching a terrorist before he strikes, because if we are successful in combating the creation of terrorism such as purposeful poverty, than there will be no need to catch terrorists before they strike as there will be complete satiation across the United States, and therefore no need for terrorism as there will be no more oppression to create the terrorism.